Great Opportunities to Get from the Insurance Business
Great Opportunities to Get from the Insurance Business

Opening a business or doing business can be another option in turning things upside down. We can easily see that every day new franchise businesses are popping up. Great Opportunities to Get from the Insurance Business. Or new Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) that produce unique products that target specific markets or innovations based on experiences in the field that are often not found in schools. One of the business opportunities with high potential for success is the insurance business. The fewer people who are eyeing this business, the greater the profit potential. If you want to do business with a broad market and relatively light competition, you can start with an insurance business

Great Opportunities to Get from the Insurance Business. Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. Meanwhile, only 4% of the total population of Indonesia already has a life insurance policy in their own name. So, the opportunity to be successful in this business is very large, considering that very few participate in life insurance.

Insurance business opportunities in the regions are still very large

The potential for insurance business opportunities in Indonesia is getting higher, with the results of the survey proving that most insurance policyholders are located in big cities. Many small towns and regions remain untouched.

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Great Opportunities to Get from the Insurance Business. When compared to neighboring countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore, around 45-50% of the population already holds an insurance policy. In fact, in Japan, every resident on average has almost three insurance policies. So, in the long term, the insurance business in Indonesia has a very bright potential.

If some of us think that the Indonesian people still do not understand the importance of insurance, it does not mean that it is a barrier for us to run this business. Precisely with the lack of information about the importance of insurance, there will be great potential for us to offer insurance.

Get to know business schemes in insurance companies

After knowing the size of the insurance business opportunity, we need to know the business system that runs in the insurance company. The business scheme in an insurance company is not a boss-subordinate model, but an agent who is a partner in nature. The job as an insurance agent is our own. We ourselves also maintain, care for, and develop it.
Unlike the career ladder in conventional businesses. For example, we work in marketing at a bank. When we reach our sales target, we don’t automatically get promoted. To be able to get a promotion, we have to wait for our boss to resign or move assignments. Not to mention if you have to compete with work friends to get the same position. So, to move up to a higher career ladder, it is not the only achievement that is needed but many other things that can determine.

Doing Insurance Business Helping Yourself and Others

Running an insurance business means that we are indirectly helping others organize their financial future. Don’t be discouraged if at the time we offer you, many shy away and openly express dislike. However, by successfully convincing someone to become a customer of a life insurance program, we will provide benefits to family members who are left behind.
As agents, if our client dies, we can play a role by helping the heirs to get their rights as insurance policyholders. They will certainly find it helpful because of the ease with which they submit a claim as the right of an insurance policyholder.